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Holiday attractions by the Baltic sea

  • wydmy
    Quick Sands Rąbka
    See the Moving Dunes – the Polish Sahara desert, how it devours the seaside forest. Moving Dunes by the Polish sea are one of these places in Poland that you just have to see. Goat Hill - Summer residence for rent - is a perfect base for those trips to quick sands near Leba. The sand dunes that are on the Słowiński Park Narodowy /The Slovinski National Park/, because of its desert-like character, are also called “the Polish Sahara desert”. This incredible and unique scenery is only 6 km from Leba, so 20 km from Goat Hill, if you travel by car or 16 km by bicycle. If you take a car, the distance of 3, 5 km in the beginning of the route goes on picturesque forest roads by the seaside, then you go on a rather solitary tarmac road, running through a forest and seaside meadows towards Nowęcin and Leba. The way that Goat Hill, our summer residence, is situated gives you a perfect chance to go to this land of sand, wind and water, that is to the Quick Sands near Leba.

    How to get there

    You can get to Leba by car or bike. From Leba you need to follow the red route that starts at the railway station towards Rąbka. You can get there on foot (2,5 km), by bike, car or and off-road car running there in summer time from Leba. Rąbka is an important post in our trip – it is there that at the end of the World War II German armies were testing the V1s, long range missiles, and then V2 that were supposed to be used for the attack on USA.

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    Photos: www.wydmyruchome.pl

    What's next?

    The next stage is a 6-kilometre-road by the shore of Lebskie lake – you can walk, ride a bicycle (you can rent a bike on the spot) or rent a golf cart (called ‘meleks’ there). You will see the first signs of something peculiar there – a forest being buried by the sand from the dunes. The trees try to get away from the sand for a time, but then they give up and all you can see is dead cancerous stumps. Finally we get to the end of our trip – and we are in awe – wherever your eye can reach there is the desert… The travelling dunes, as the wind moves them, travel at 3-10 metres a year, devouring the forests. Lacka Gora at 32 metres above sea level is the highest sand dune and you must climb it to see a breathtaking view. You can get from there to the seashore and to the seaside beach. When you are filled with the impressions from the climb and the views, you need to go down – you can divert the return trip and walk by the beach to Leba (about 8 km).

    Info: www.leba.pl

  • leba
    Łeba – Summer capital of Poland
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    Łeba is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Polish coast. Its specific climate and wide sandy beaches with dunes separate it from many coastal towns. Leba is surrounded by water on three sides, on the north - the Baltic Sea, on the west - lake Łebsko, and to the east - lake Sarbsko. Between the lake Łebsko and the sea threre are moving dunes, very rare phenomenon in Europe. Moving dunes fall within the Slowinski National Park, which was recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. Leba is also rich on tourist attractions, the main is among Poland's largest dinosaur park - Leba Park, and stud farm, a rope park and an exhibition of butterflies. A diverse accommodation base include hotels, guest houses, holiday homes, camping, rooms, cottages and holiday resorts. Restaurants, bars and pubs serve regional dishes - dishes of sea food. Hospitable and thrifty residents provide accommodation and care about the attractiveness of the stay for their guests.

    How to get to Łeba

    From Goat Hill to Leba is the proverbial "stone's throw". After driving 20 minutes by car you are in a busy, partying beach world. Leba offers relaxation for everyone: discos, sports and cultural activities, and, of course, gastronomy. The city is really full of life in summer, so it was nominated to be the Summer Polish capital many times. Do not forget to see the beautiful sunset on the Łeba beach, after which you can return to the tranquility of the Goat Hill.  

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    Attractions in Łeba

    • Sea cruises, boat fishing on cod, seasonal cruises at sunset, lake Łebsko cruises
    • Fairy tale trains, buses, golf carts
    • Quad, bike, scooter rentals
    • Bungee-jumping, parasailing, wakeboarding
    • Amusement parks, rope parks, dinosaur park, rocket launcher
    • Museum of butterflies, oceanarium, ornithological park
    • Stud farms, sports hall, football pitch Orlik, skating-rink, roller-rink, nordic walking

    Rocket launcher

    We see it in the middle of the road to the dunes. This is the secret German traverse from 1940. This place was chosen because of the low population density and large distance from the Allied forces. It was a testing ground, which tested missiles and carried out trials of various kinds of bombs, which were blamed largely on the lake Łebsko. Most of the training ground buildings blown up, before ​​Soviet troops entered the area. Only one bunker survived, which now houses a museum. Visitors can see the photo exhibition, old documents and training ground. Most of the exhibits are outside, under the open sky are: armored glass of the bunkers, hopper starter for missiles, weapons and military elements, military motorcycle, as well as the remains of Polish meteo missile launchers. A souvenir shop and a small gastronomy point are opened at the museum. After visiting the training ground a small narrow lane next to the shop will take us to the lookout tower with spectacular views of the sea, the dunes and the lake.

    Stud farm

    It is located in Nowęcin by the Lake Sarbsko at a distance of about 1 km from the center of Leba. The stud farm has 50 horses of Malopolska race, prepared for professional learning and driving skills and equestrian sport (jumping rallies and long-distance). It also has an indoor riding hall. Within the functions of stud farm there is a Restaurant at the lofts and the Center of agritourism. Stud Farm is open all year round. W ofercie:  
    • driving lessons for beginners
    • riding manege
    • horse in the field (including riding to the sea)
    • horse riding
    • hunting gears
    • riding camps for youth (July and August)
    • riding holidays for adults (all year)
    • horse hotel
        For more information about the stud farm on www.nowecin.com.pl

    Łeba Park

    It's a magical place. Each of us remembers the great impression that was made by Steven Spielberg film titled JURASSIC PARK. Leba Park is a Dinosaur Park in Leba. Scenes full of horror and terror interspersed with longing to commune with the ancestors of all living animals present in the history of our planet. Almost everyone dreamed of once a close look at these fascinating giants. Now since 2010, it became possible thanks to the arrangement of the area of 20 ha of ŁEBA PARK and although the whole thing is just an exact copy of that time the excitement in exploring often sneak out of control. The terrain and its natural beauty and proximity to the sea make the visit to ŁEBA PARK unforgettable. When preparing the project of ŁEBA PARK, special emphasis was put on the pleasure, fun and education of the youngest. During the tour each of the parents will have a unique opportunity to observe your baby in case of new, undiscovered, and unusual. Adults willing to relax will find moments of silence.S
  • spn
    The Slowinski National Park
    The land of waters and wind – you need to see it. When you are a visitor in Goat Hill, you have a unique possibility to visit one of the two seaside national parks, the Slovinski National Park. When you rent the stylish house near Leba, and relax in beautiful surroundings of the forest and the seaside nature, it is worth to go to The Slovinski National Park. It is special and unique not only in Poland but also in Europe. The uniqueness of its flora and scenery was the reason why in 1977 it was added to the World Biosphere National Park by UNESCO. The park covers 32,74 hectares of land and sea (21,57 of that is land only); it stretches from the seaside town of Rowy through Łebsko, Gardno, Dołgi Małe, Dołgie Wielkie and to the surrounding forests. Long time ago Slowinski Park Narodowy was a Baltic Sea Bay. The regressing of the Scandinavian land-ice and activities of the sea turned it into land.

    How to get there?

    By car you can reach the nearest entrance to the Slowinski National Park. It would take only 20 minutes, after which you will have to leave the car in the parking lot. From this moment, we have several options for getting around the park:
    • bike
    • golf cart
    • on feet

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    Photos: T. Rudziński, www.slowinskipn.pl

    Przyroda i zwierzęta

    Large parts of the swamp area give shelter to many thousands of crane flocks. In the autumn the park is full of their specific crane call. Trips to the quick sands in the Slowinski Park Narodowy are something that stays in your memory for ever – it is like a little Polish Sahara desert… There are travelling sand dunes, known as quick sand, unique in the European scale. The sand that the wind carries covers the live seaside forests, and the sand even tries to get to the human habitats. To stop this process most of the dunes were afforested –a lighthouse of Czołpino is situated on one of them. Trips to the quick sands in the Slowinski Park Narodowy are something that stays in your memory for ever – it is like a little Polish Sahara desert.
  • seapark
    Sea Park Sarbsk
    Sea Park Sarbsk is the first park related to the topic of the seas and oceans, and the history and culture of Pomerania in Poland. It is located in the municipality of Wicko just 8 km from Leba. This is the only and the largest such park where we can see various species in the pools: the gray seal and other representatives like South American seals.

    How to get there

    Driving from Goat Hill to Sea Park in Sarbsk takes only 20 minutes. If we want to ride a bicycle iit's a 6 km forest road breathiong refreshing air, so typical for the coastal forests. Access by car is very simple - from the Goat Hill drive down :), at the crossroad turn right towards Charbrowo. We drive new asphalt road, then we leave the main road leading to Leba. After a few kilometers we get to Steknicy and there we turn right. Passing villages Łebieniec and Szczenurze, we get to the Sea Park Sarbsk.  

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    Photos and info from the Sea Park website www.seapark.pl

    Sea Parku Sarbsk Offers

    Sea Park was the first such commercial project in the country that provides feeding seals and their medical training, like what is done in Seal Centre in Hel. Such training is not just about learning the animals certain actions, but is designed to accustom them to human presence in order to control their health conditions. If necessary, you can then give the necessary medicine or vitamins, check the condition of the teeth or take blood. Another attraction for visitors is the prehistoric aquarium 5D cinema, in which we stand "eye to eye" with the creatures living in the water of our planet millions of years ago. As a result, we will learn prehistoric reptiles and fish personally, as if we ourselves were in the underwater depths. Undoubtedly, art lovers will delight a rich collection of a marine museum with interesting exhibitions, where we can see, among others sculptures, models, diplomas and commemorative collection of memorabilia connected with the greatest Gdynia shipowner Polskie Linie Oceanic. A real attraction is the mesa Captain Morgan, which shows a specific example for collecting passions of sailors and fishermen. The exhibition captures the atmosphere of the tavern port, galley former ship captain and a living room. Place to visit is the park mock-ups of marine animals. It includes life-size mock-up of mammals, fish and birds inhabiting the sea and its coastline. Visitors can look straight into the eyes of manta rays, stand in a herd together with the penguins or touch the big walrus tusks. The Sea Park is also a miniature park depicting lighthouses. As a result, you will take a walk and you pass the entire Polish coast from Krynica Morska to Swinoujscie. Replicas are made very carefully in order to accurately reflect all the details contained in the actual objects. For the youngest guests we have to offer park jungle rope Little Pirate, Forest of Little Pirate on Galeon Aquarius, playgrounds and other attractions, while wanting to regain your strengths you are welcome to eateries serving delicious snacks and drinks.
  • kluki
    Heritage Park in Kluki
    [simple-weather latitude="54.68191" longitude="17.332355" days="2" units="metric" date="l"] www.muzeumkluki.pl
      An excursion to Kluki, to the Heritage Park of Slovinian Village is a trip to the past, a tale of the core inhabitants of this land. The Museum of the Slovinian Village is situated within the Słowiński Park Narodowy /The Slovinski National Park/, added in 1977 into the World Biosphere National Park. In 1963 the Museum was open in Kluki. It was only just one Slovinian farm, but in the 80s and 90s new buildings were added. Nowadays this heritage park is situated on 10 hectares of land, with 7 houses, the oldest dating back to the 18th century, 7 cowsheds, 2 barns, 2 bread stoves, a boat and fishing gear depot and a fisherman’s hut.

    How to get there

    When you go on holiday to the seaside, close to Leba, it is good to go to Kluki and visit the Museum of the Slovinian Village. Goat Hill, a comfortable house for rent, gives you this chance to get to know a mystery that has been hidden up until recently – the history of Slovinians, the core inhabitants of Pomerania. You can go on a boat cruise on Lebsko lake to Kluki. The boat travels from Rąbka 15 km from Goat Hill. They sail in the summer from Rabka next to Leba. It is good to have a whole day for this trip. You can go there by car, Kozia Gorka, our comfortable house for rent, is situated about 50 km from Kluki.

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      The village name comes from its first inhabitants – the Kluks. They were Slovinians, according to social anthropologists they were the representatives of Slovians, that for a long time kept their own cultural and language autonomy. Their language was a mixture of German and Kashubian. Up until 1976 they all left their territory and left for Germany, since PRL’s government first tried to polonize them and then they repressed them. You can see bits of their history in a little cemetery in Kluki. We highly recommend visiting this unique place – in summer time there are various folklore events organised (baking bread shows, digging and drying peat). You can see for yourself what real “klumps” are …they are shoes for the horses, so that they do not sink in the slippery peat ground. You can get to Kluki by car, but we recommend taking and unforgettable and unique boat ride – it leaves from Rąbki near Leba, through Lebsko lake to Kluki. In summer months there are regular boat rides, but in other months you will have to book the boat in advance.
  • wedkarstwo
    Sea Fishing
    [simple-weather latitude="54.760117" longitude="17.556312" days="2" units="metric" date="l"]   Go fishing with us    

    Cruises on the Baltic Sea are both for experienced fishermen and for people looking for new challenges. The owners of fishing vessels have an experience that allows to organize a fully professional fishing expeditions. First of all they pay attention to customer satisfaction and safety. Traditionally, such a trip lasts about 10 hours. Ships can take even large groups up to 20 people and go into the sea both in summer and in winter..  
  • laka
    laka Apple, cherry and pear trees. A blanket on the grass, a hammock between trees – an afternoon nap, where only the rustling wind and bird singing can be heard. Idyllic holiday. A luxurious abode for rent near Leba will provide all that we miss mostly in our life: rest, close contact with the nature, and you can have it all just within the reach of your hand. At the same time you are provided with a comfortable holiday for exacting holiday-makers. Storks come to the meadow in search for food for their young ones – since at the fork of the road, by the road to Goat Hill Lodge there is a stork nest that has been a house for a pair of storks for many years. For years storks have been visiting the village to raise their young nestlings. The storks have been settling in their nest for years, at the end of April the stork mother lays eggs, and then both stork parents take in turns to hatch for 33-34 days.
  • Koniecznie zobacz
    Worth seeing

    Interesting places to see

    Słowiński National Park
    Słowiński National Park is a national park in Pomeranian Voivodeship, northern Poland. It is situated on the Baltic coast, between Łeba and Rowy. The northern boundary of the park consists of 32.5 kilometres of coastline. Forests in the park are mainly made of pines. These trees cover 80% of wooded areas, there are also peat bogs of several types. Of animals, the most numerous are birds with 257 species. This is because the park is located on the paths of migrating birds. They feel safe here because human activities are limited. The most interesting species are: erne, eagle owl, crow, swan and various kinds of ducks. Among the mammals, there are deer, wild pigs and hares. There are around 140 kilometres of tourist walking trails. Beside the lakes are observation towers and along the trails one can find benches and resting places. Around the park there are many parking sites as well as hotels and camp sites, especially in Łeba.   
    A Lighthouse in Stilo
    You need to visit a lighthouse in Stilo near Sasino. When you rent the comfortable house in Goat Hill close to Leba, it is a good opportunity to go and see one of the biggest attractions while by the Polish sea – the lighthouse in Stilo. The lighthouse was lit for the first time in 1906. The name comes most probably from the name of two brothers Edward and Gustaw Stielow from Łeba. The last German lighthouse-keeper was P.Prutz, who was on duty there until 1945. Nobody knows what happened to him after that year. One of the 3 people that service this lighthouse is a lady called Weronika Łozicka. It is unique enough, since there are only 2 women lighthouse-keepers in Poland. The lighthouse in Stilo is situated 3 km from a charming village called Sasino; you can go there and see a beautiful palace from 1862. To get to the lighthouse, you need to walk through the forest for 1, 5 km (leaving your car in a car park). The view that spreads from the lighthouse is a sure reward for the climb up the steep stairs – all you see is green stretch of forests, quick sands In Leba and the Sarbsko lake.
    Moving dunes
    Trips to the quick sands in the Slowinski Park Narodowy are something that stays in your memory for ever… There are travelling sand dunes, known as quick sand, unique in the European scale. The sand that the wind carries covers the live seaside forests, and the sand even tries to get to the human habitats. To stop this process most of the dunes were afforested –a lighthouse of Czołpino is situated on one of them. The sand dunes that are on the Słowiński Park Narodowy /The Slovinski National Park/, because of its desert-like character, are also called “the Polish Sahara desert”. This incredible and unique scenery is only 6 km from Leba, so 20 km from Goat Hill, if you travel by car or 16 km by bicycle. If you take a car, the distance of 3, 5 km in the beginning of the route goes on picturesque forest roads by the seaside, then you go on a rather solitary tarmac road, running through a forest and seaside meadows towards Nowęcin and Leba. The way that Goat Hill, our summer residence, is situated gives you a perfect chance to go to this land of sand, wind and water, that is to the Quick Sands near Leba.
  • jedzenie
  • jagody
    Forest berries in many different ways
    jagody Taste the sweetness of forest blueberries on holiday. Blueberries ripen in the summer at the end of June. In July the forests surrounding Goat Hill are full of them. When you are on holiday in Goat Hill in the comfortable house for rent close to Leba, you have a unique possibility to see the fullness of the forest fruit. It is worth it to go blueberry picking. Their taste and fragrance is immeasurable. But if you prefer stretching on the pier by the lake over the berry picking, you can buy them from “berry pickers” standing and selling their goods by the roads. Taste the freshly picked berries, dripping with juice, just ready to eat them and enjoy in many ways. A taste of pierogis with blueberries picked in Goat Hill is an unusual culinary experience. You may also bake a blueberry pie… Or on a hot day enjoy ice-cream with blueberries and whipped cream in Wisko or Leba – they are a true dainty.
  • jezioro
    The Private Lake
    jezioro In Goat Hill Lodge, just near the house, there is a charming lake of 10 000 m2 water surface. Have a relaxing breakfast or romantic dinner at pier with the lake view. You’ll never forget the frog concerto when they mate. You can be close to the lake and sea at the same time – Leba is only a 10- minute-drive from the house.
  • rowery
    rowery Quick sand, seaside lake, sea – beauty of the seaside landscape. The surroundings of Goat Hill are a true paradise for bicycles. The seaside bike routes guarantee an active form of rest. A comfortable house for rent close to Leba will ensure a luxury relaxation after the biker’s efforts. There are great bike routes. When you roam about the forest paths, meadows and routes by the sea, you can observe not only great unique examples of nature but also interesting buildings and places. The destination of your bike tour may be as well Quick Sands in Rabka near Leba as the lighthouse in Stilo. The picturesque bike route leads along the sea and lakes of Sarbsko, Łebsko and Gardno. You can ride some plus-twenty- kilometre route of this seaside bike road, starting in one of the villages: Lubiatowo, Kopalino, Sasino or Stilo, and finish this tour in the village of Gardna by the Gardna lake or in a beautiful seaside heath resort Rowy. We suggest the following bike routes Start from the house in Goat Hill. The bike route “By the Czarne Lake” Goat Hill - Jezioro Czarne – Goat Hill From Goat Hill we turn left to the forest. We ride about 2,5 km. there is a fork in the road at one point, and we turn right. We go by the Czarne lake – it is a beautiful clean forest lake. There is a smooth sandy shore and a small beach – we can go swimming and enjoy the beach. The bike route “by the Sarbsko lake” Goat Hill - Szczenurze - Sarbsk – windsurfing base by the Sarbsko lake - Szczenurze – Goat Hill From Goat Hill we turn left to the forest. We ride a sandy forest road and pass by the Szczenurze colony (in the summer it is worth to pay attention to the picturesque pasturage on the meadows). After over a hundred meters we pass an old evangelical cemetery lost in the woods that dates back to the second half of the 19th century. We find there the remains of graves with German inscriptions and an obelisk dedicated to the ones who died in the World War 1. The commentary is waiting to be registered in a record of historical monuments. After riding a short distance on the left we have a forester's lodge in Szczenura. When we get to the village Szczenurze we take the right to Sarbsk.   We ride a tarmac road for about 15 minutes and we reach our destination. Before you turn left to the lake (across the street from ”Pod siodłem”), we suggest to visit a beautiful stone church of St. Anna – you can see it the opposite side of the road. The church was built in the 1920s of the 19th century. If you feel a need to rest, you can stop in a bar. Right next to it there is a horse stable. Further on, we ride along the road to Sarbsko lake. On the shore of the lake there is a Habenda windsurfing base. We can rest there; admire the landscape of this coastal reservoir. You can have a meal there and drink beer and observe the windsurfing boards waddling on the waves of the lake. From June to September there is a windsurfing school and you can rent equipment from them. It is so nice there that you almost don’t want to get back on the bike.   You can go on longer bike tours, starting from Łeba or Rowy: ROUTE I (24 km.) Łeba - Żarnowska - Gać - Izbica - Kluki ROUTE II (50 km) Łeba - Nowęcin - Sarbsk - Ulinia - Sasino - Osetnik - Łeba ROUTE III (31 km) Rowy – northern shore of the Gardno lake – Czołpino – by the seaside – Rowy If you are going to ride tarmac roads between villages it is enough to have city bikes, but if you plan the wilderness routes, you will need cross or trekking bikes.  
  • las
    The Forest
    las The forest by the Goat Hill abode is a part of the seaside forests that spread along the coast of the Baltic sea. An exclusive house for rent with a surrounding property will allow you to enjoy the attractions of the seaside forest. The closeness of Leba and the sea will make your strolls a time of inhalation for your whole body. It is an unusual forest. The tops of the trees are being swept by the sea breeze; the air is brisk with iodine and ozone. You can taste freshly picked berries with cream and sugar or mulberries freshly picked from the bush that are dripping with aromatic juice. Forest mushrooms - chantarelle, porcini will add splendour to any meal. Our house for rent close to Leba is a dream place to enjoy the forest harvest. When taking a stroll or on a bike tour, you can see forest animals. It is enough to take a walk to see a herd of roe deer, deer or a rabbit. At night you may notice fox’s eyes, glowing like burning coal. In the morning, among the trees, you may find remains of the wild boars’ feast. In the summer you will see broom blossoming In the winter - snow crunching under your feet….
  • plaza
    Private beach only for you
    plaza Private beach with sea sand by the forest lake, in a quiet place and a charming nook, close to a seaside health resort of Leba… Such places do exist – in Goat Hill Lodge. Book this comfortable house for rent by the beach, a private beach! Beautiful seaside sand, sparkling in the sun, a beach by the lake – an oasis of privacy. You can sunbathe on a quiet private sandy beach, that was left by the regressing Baltic sea thousands of years ago. Or you can hide from the sun under a beach umbrella, and spend delightful hours reading books or magazines, drinking cold drinks…. Come for a holiday to this exclusive house for rent.
  • spacery
    Walking in the forest, by the sea
    spacery Strolls by the lake and in the forest, on the beach, along the seashore – provide your body cells with more oxygen. The holiday in the house in Goat Hill is an ideal time and place for everyday forest and seaside strolls. Those who rent the house not only in summer time, but in spring or autumn, will soon value the charms of the nearby paths, encouraging you to take a walk. Walking is so beneficial for our bodies. A fast march or a slow pace in the fresh air will influence us positively, strengthen the muscles, it will help you relax and get rid of stress. Walks in the forest will help us absorb good energy, which will greatly influence our physical condition. Forests and meadows in Goat Hill can be roamed about for hours and hours, we will be involved in observing the beautiful surroundings. You do not have to be far away from the house – the forest is just there – on the property and behind the fence… This exclusive house for rent close to Leba will give you privacy that even the most demanding people will enjoy. You can take shorter and longer walks. If you want a shorter walk, you do not need to go beyond the property. You can also visit the nearby shop in the village. You can also try to visit the hunters’ tree stand. The kids will surely enjoy stories of hunters and forest animals. Who knows, maybe you will be able to see some wild animals? If you want to take a 2-3 hour walk we recommend a walk by the forest routes to the crystal clear Czarne lake, hidden deep in the forest. You can soothe your senses when walking in the nearby fields and meadows. If you walk regularly, in a fast pace, you can lose weight, provide your body cells with more oxygen and get a glowing skin tone. Walks in the vast forests influence the reactions of the human body positively, improve our well-being. Seaside forests are waiting. Let’s walk in the property of Goat Hill…
  • wedkowanie
    Going fishing
    Atrakcje_Na_ryby_Wędkarstwo_shutterstock_1149547 Holiday with a fishing rod – the house in Goat Hill is just by the forest lake. On this property for rent there is a forest lake with water surface of 1 hectare. It is only 7 km from the sea. It is a clean, natural reservoir, with water coming from an underground spring. In this unique place you can have a chance to enjoy and taste the charms of fishing. The undisturbed quietness that surrounds the lake can help you concentrate on your passion when you fish for pikes, tenches or crucians. Fishing will fulfil our need to be with the nature, to rest in quietness, to get away from our daily routine. It is enough to stand on the pier and throw in your fishing line…. If you want more thrill of a sea adventure there is a possibility of fishing in the Baltic. Far from the shore, up to 100 metres deep water, with your own gear or rented on a fishing boat. Such an 8-hour trip with a fishing rod for a sea catch in the company of experienced sea wolfs will be an unforgettable memory. The fish that you catch by yourself tastes great! Try fish recipes, fresh fish have nothing to match.
  • willakozia
    Picking mushrooms
    willakozia Picking mushrooms in the seaside forests. Picking mushrooms is a great reason to go outside, move your body and breathe fresh forest air. We don’t have many of such moments… Seaside forests are full of mushrooms. It is so pleasant to rest after the picking is done and relax in the luxurious house in the forest close to the sea. The forests surrounding Goat Hill are full of chantarelle, leccinum, boletus, Slippery Jacks (suillis). To be successful in mushroom picking it is enough to get up early and find the right specimen. You need to be safe at mushroom picking so you will need the help of the mushroom encyclopaedia of the specimen that can be found in the Polish forests. A good inspiration of making tasty dishes from the hand picked mushrooms can be one of the recipes from the mushroom dishes. Yummy!
  • windsurfing
    Atrakcje_Windsurfing_shutterstock_2468768 Holiday or vacation – time for windsurfing… Feel the wind blow. Get on the windsurfing board. A comfortable house for rent close to Leba gives you a possibility to go windsurfing on the lake and in the sea. Łeba and Sarbsk – These are the windsurfing spots by the Polish sea. Just perfect for both learning windsurfing and perfecting your skills. Sarbsko lake is an ideal place both for beginning and advanced learners of windsurfing. This is a wide and shallow lake, and because it is situated close to the sea, the winds there are just perfect. The Western Beach in Leba is a perfect spot valued by experienced windsurfers. This is where summer Windsurfing World Cup is held – FWC (Formula Windsurfing Class). Windsurfing or surfing with the wind was started in the USA in 1965. The pioneers of this sport are two men from California - Hoyl Schweitzer and Jim Drake. Windsurfing is about sailing on the board and it is a surface water sport with a use of a windsurf board, also commonly called a sailboard. The sailboard is usually two to five meters long and powered by a single sail. Windsurfing is a form of sailing with the use of a board and a flexible sail-like propeller. Windsurfing boards, with draught of 60 to over 300 litres, are divided in two categories – drop keel boards, up to 60cm in width, and boards with no keel, even up to 100cm in width. The propeller consists of a mast, boom, and sail of varying size. Depending on skill, the size of a sail is adjusted to the strength of wind and sailor’s size, between 1 and 12.5 m2. Windsurfing began as a family pastime, but over the past several years it has evolved into an extreme sport. Sailing was replaced by skimming. Lovers of high adrenaline doses are growing in numbers, and windsurf skimming at high speed guarantees such excitement. Steady draught sailing is outdated for those free spirits. They want more and modern windsurfing equipment helps them to achieve their goal. Experienced windsurfers go so far as to surf ocean waves, jump steep high swell, and do complex acrobatics in the air. Air-dancing windsurfers are able to rise as high as one meter above the surface of the ocean! That’s what we call wave! Skimming style is determined by the type of sail used (Wave/Allround/Freeride/Freestyle), combined under one acronym WAFF. Add indestructible kevlar boards for wave experts and you can glide on. Exciting sailing begins at 4 in Beaufort’s scale (wind strength), when flags begin to flutter and small waves gain in length. All you need now is the right spot and windy days. „Blow, wind, blow...” this plea to the element sings in the souls of windsurfers, for their performance on waves depends on the wind. For those experienced windsurfers we recommend: - windsurfing in Leba (In the sea) - Habenda windsurfing base by Sarbsko lake (seaside lake with local thermal wind, average depth of sea is 1m)
  • konie
    Horse riding
    konie Horse riding at sunrise on the beach, in the field, in the seaside forest… Stables by the sea, near Leba invite you Our luxurious house for rent is a perfect place to discover or nourish your passion for horse riding. There are excellent horse riding areas near Goat Hill. You can ride along the forest alleys, along the seaside beaches, lakes close by, and seaside forests. You can enjoy this encounter with the nature and your favourite animal for many hours. Stables of Nowęcin and Sarbsk are 10 kilometres away. The picturesque land surrounding Goat Hill makes this adventure on a horse saddle easy to be organised.
  • bieganie
    bieganie Jogging in the forest or on the beach at sunrise or sunset. Jogging is a way to keep fit while on holiday. The exclusive house for rent close to Leba is situated in the forest, by the lake, close to Leba – what can be more suitable for jogging? Jogging influences our fitness, improves body efficiency. Perfect area for jogging – forest, beach – only clean air for our lungs. This is what you can find in Goat Hill, our house in the forest close to Leba. This is a perfect place to keep fit on holiday. Everyday jogging.