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Welcome to this elite place.

We invite you to our hundred- year – old comfortable house for rent, situated in the quietness of the seaside forests, close to Leba.

The house is situated on a large private area of 30.000 m2. You can sense privacy, peace and the natural beauty of the surroundings which makes the house in Goat Hill a special and elite place for your holiday. Its unusual character the inside of the house draws from the “good energy” accumulated in the house for many many years, as well as perfectly fitted and designed interior.

The house became totally revitalized according to the projects and under supervision of interior designer Tomasz Misiewicz. Both the projects and their completion were brought about in accordance to the modern regulations of interior designs, maintaining its rustic style, as well as attention to the comfort of the guests.
4 cosy bedrooms will provide the guests with comfort, 3 bathrooms have modern design and equipment, as well as the kitchen and the pantry.

Resting areas and entertainment spots have been also provided, such as a spacious living room with a fireplace and a club room

Guests can use the sauna and 2 terraces with a view to the lake and the forest which are at their own disposal.

The atmosphere of the interior is originating from the beginning of the 20th century. The furniture and interior arrangements welcomes you to roam between various styles from Chippendale, Art Deco, Neoroccoco, eclecticism to Art Nouveau.
The forest surrounding the house will create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere for relaxation; the nearness of Leba will provide you with a lot of attractions that only a seaside town can give you.
The house is family and children friendly.