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House for rent in the forest.


The forest by the Goat Hill abode is a part of the seaside forests that spread along the coast of the Baltic sea.

An exclusive house for rent with a surrounding property will allow you to enjoy the attractions of the seaside forest. The closeness of Leba and the sea will make your strolls a time of inhalation for your whole body.

It is an unusual forest. The tops of the trees are being swept by the sea breeze; the air is brisk with iodine and ozone.

You can taste freshly picked berries with cream and sugar or mulberries freshly picked from the bush that are dripping with aromatic juice.
Forest mushrooms – chantarelle, porcini will add splendour to any meal. Our house for rent close to Leba is a dream place to enjoy the forest harvest.
When taking a stroll or on a bike tour, you can see forest animals. It is enough to take a walk to see a herd of roe deer, deer or a rabbit. At night you may notice fox’s eyes, glowing like burning coal. In the morning, among the trees, you may find remains of the wild boars’ feast.

In the summer you will see broom blossoming

In the winter – snow crunching under your feet….