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Łeba - Summer capital of Poland - Goat Hill

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Łeba is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Polish coast. Its specific climate and wide sandy beaches with dunes separate it from many coastal towns. Leba is surrounded by water on three sides, on the north – the Baltic Sea, on the west – lake Łebsko, and to the east – lake Sarbsko. Between the lake Łebsko and the sea threre are moving dunes, very rare phenomenon in Europe. Moving dunes fall within the Slowinski National Park, which was recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve.

Leba is also rich on tourist attractions, the main is among Poland’s largest dinosaur park – Leba Park, and stud farm, a rope park and an exhibition of butterflies. A diverse accommodation base include hotels, guest houses, holiday homes, camping, rooms, cottages and holiday resorts. Restaurants, bars and pubs serve regional dishes – dishes of sea food. Hospitable and thrifty residents provide accommodation and care about the attractiveness of the stay for their guests.

How to get to Łeba

From Goat Hill to Leba is the proverbial “stone’s throw”. After driving 20 minutes by car you are in a busy, partying beach world. Leba offers relaxation for everyone: discos, sports and cultural activities, and, of course, gastronomy.

The city is really full of life in summer, so it was nominated to be the Summer Polish capital many times. Do not forget to see the beautiful sunset on the Łeba beach, after which you can return to the tranquility of the Goat Hill.





Attractions in Łeba




Rocket launcher

We see it in the middle of the road to the dunes. This is the secret German traverse from 1940. This place was chosen because of the low population density and large distance from the Allied forces. It was a testing ground, which tested missiles and carried out trials of various kinds of bombs, which were blamed largely on the lake Łebsko. Most of the training ground buildings blown up, before ​​Soviet troops entered the area. Only one bunker survived, which now houses a museum. Visitors can see the photo exhibition, old documents and training ground. Most of the exhibits are outside, under the open sky are: armored glass of the bunkers, hopper starter for missiles, weapons and military elements, military motorcycle, as well as the remains of Polish meteo missile launchers. A souvenir shop and a small gastronomy point are opened at the museum. After visiting the training ground a small narrow lane next to the shop will take us to the lookout tower with spectacular views of the sea, the dunes and the lake.

Stud farm

It is located in Nowęcin by the Lake Sarbsko at a distance of about 1 km from the center of Leba. The stud farm has 50 horses of Malopolska race, prepared for professional learning and driving skills and equestrian sport (jumping rallies and long-distance). It also has an indoor riding hall. Within the functions of stud farm there is a Restaurant at the lofts and the Center of agritourism. Stud Farm is open all year round.

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For more information about the stud farm on www.nowecin.com.pl

Łeba Park

It’s a magical place. Each of us remembers the great impression that was made by Steven Spielberg film titled JURASSIC PARK. Leba Park is a Dinosaur Park in Leba.

Scenes full of horror and terror interspersed with longing to commune with the ancestors of all living animals present in the history of our planet. Almost everyone dreamed of once a close look at these fascinating giants. Now since 2010, it became possible thanks to the arrangement of the area of 20 ha of ŁEBA PARK and although the whole thing is just an exact copy of that time the excitement in exploring often sneak out of control.

The terrain and its natural beauty and proximity to the sea make the visit to ŁEBA PARK unforgettable. When preparing the project of ŁEBA PARK, special emphasis was put on the pleasure, fun and education of the youngest. During the tour each of the parents will have a unique opportunity to observe your baby in case of new, undiscovered, and unusual. Adults willing to relax will find moments of silence.S