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Feel the wind blow.


Holiday or vacation – time for windsurfing…
Feel the wind blow. Get on the windsurfing board.

A comfortable house for rent close to Leba gives you a possibility to go windsurfing on the lake and in the sea.

Łeba and Sarbsk – These are the windsurfing spots by the Polish sea.

Just perfect for both learning windsurfing and perfecting your skills.
Sarbsko lake is an ideal place both for beginning and advanced learners of windsurfing. This is a wide and shallow lake, and because it is situated close to the sea, the winds there are just perfect.

The Western Beach in Leba is a perfect spot valued by experienced windsurfers. This is where summer Windsurfing World Cup is held – FWC (Formula Windsurfing Class).
Windsurfing or surfing with the wind was started in the USA in 1965. The pioneers of this sport are two men from California – Hoyl Schweitzer and Jim Drake.

Windsurfing is about sailing on the board and it is a surface water sport with a use of a windsurf board, also commonly called a sailboard. The sailboard is usually two to five meters long and powered by a single sail.
Windsurfing is a form of sailing with the use of a board and a flexible sail-like propeller. Windsurfing boards, with draught of 60 to over 300 litres, are divided in two categories – drop keel boards, up to 60cm in width, and boards with no keel, even up to 100cm in width. The propeller consists of a mast, boom, and sail of varying size. Depending on skill, the size of a sail is adjusted to the strength of wind and sailor’s size, between 1 and 12.5 m2.

Windsurfing began as a family pastime, but over the past several years it has evolved into an extreme sport.

Sailing was replaced by skimming. Lovers of high adrenaline doses are growing in numbers, and windsurf skimming at high speed guarantees such excitement. Steady draught sailing is outdated for those free spirits. They want more and modern windsurfing equipment helps them to achieve their goal.
Experienced windsurfers go so far as to surf ocean waves, jump steep high swell, and do complex acrobatics in the air. Air-dancing windsurfers are able to rise as high as one meter above the surface of the ocean! That’s what we call wave! Skimming style is determined by the type of sail used (Wave/Allround/Freeride/Freestyle), combined under one acronym WAFF.
Add indestructible kevlar boards for wave experts and you can glide on. Exciting sailing begins at 4 in Beaufort’s scale (wind strength), when flags begin to flutter and small waves gain in length.
All you need now is the right spot and windy days. „Blow, wind, blow…” this plea to the element sings in the souls of windsurfers, for their performance on waves depends on the wind.
For those experienced windsurfers we recommend:

windsurfing in Leba (In the sea)

– Habenda windsurfing base by Sarbsko lake (seaside lake with local thermal wind, average depth of sea is 1m)