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Sea Park Sarbsk - Goat Hill

Sea Park Sarbsk is the first park related to the topic of the seas and oceans, and the history and culture of Pomerania in Poland. It is located in the municipality of Wicko just 8 km from Leba. This is the only and the largest such park where we can see various species in the pools: the gray seal and other representatives like South American seals.

How to get there

Driving from Goat Hill to Sea Park in Sarbsk takes only 20 minutes. If we want to ride a bicycle iit’s a 6 km forest road breathiong refreshing air, so typical for the coastal forests.

Access by car is very simple – from the Goat Hill drive down :), at the crossroad turn right towards Charbrowo.

We drive new asphalt road, then we leave the main road leading to Leba. After a few kilometers we get to Steknicy and there we turn right. Passing villages Łebieniec and Szczenurze, we get to the Sea Park Sarbsk.






Photos and info from the Sea Park website www.seapark.pl

Sea Parku Sarbsk Offers

Sea Park was the first such commercial project in the country that provides feeding seals and their medical training, like what is done in Seal Centre in Hel. Such training is not just about learning the animals certain actions, but is designed to accustom them to human presence in order to control their health conditions. If necessary, you can then give the necessary medicine or vitamins, check the condition of the teeth or take blood.

Another attraction for visitors is the prehistoric aquarium 5D cinema, in which we stand “eye to eye” with the creatures living in the water of our planet millions of years ago. As a result, we will learn prehistoric reptiles and fish personally, as if we ourselves were in the underwater depths.

Undoubtedly, art lovers will delight a rich collection of a marine museum with interesting exhibitions, where we can see, among others sculptures, models, diplomas and commemorative collection of memorabilia connected with the greatest Gdynia shipowner Polskie Linie Oceanic. A real attraction is the mesa Captain Morgan, which shows a specific example for collecting passions of sailors and fishermen. The exhibition captures the atmosphere of the tavern port, galley former ship captain and a living room.

Place to visit is the park mock-ups of marine animals. It includes life-size mock-up of mammals, fish and birds inhabiting the sea and its coastline. Visitors can look straight into the eyes of manta rays, stand in a herd together with the penguins or touch the big walrus tusks.

The Sea Park is also a miniature park depicting lighthouses. As a result, you will take a walk and you pass the entire Polish coast from Krynica Morska to Swinoujscie. Replicas are made very carefully in order to accurately reflect all the details contained in the actual objects.

For the youngest guests we have to offer park jungle rope Little Pirate, Forest of Little Pirate on Galeon Aquarius, playgrounds and other attractions, while wanting to regain your strengths you are welcome to eateries serving delicious snacks and drinks.