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Picking mushrooms on holiday.


Picking mushrooms in the seaside forests.
Picking mushrooms is a great reason to go outside, move your body and breathe fresh forest air. We don’t have many of such moments…
Seaside forests are full of mushrooms. It is so pleasant to rest after the picking is done and relax in the luxurious house in the forest close to the sea. The forests surrounding Goat Hill are full of chantarelle, leccinum, boletus, Slippery Jacks (suillis).
To be successful in mushroom picking it is enough to get up early and find the right specimen.
You need to be safe at mushroom picking so you will need the help of the mushroom encyclopaedia of the specimen that can be found in the Polish forests. A good inspiration of making tasty dishes from the hand picked mushrooms can be one of the recipes from the mushroom dishes. Yummy!