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Bike routes. Active holiday.


Quick sand, seaside lake, sea – beauty of the seaside landscape.

The surroundings of Goat Hill are a true paradise for bicycles. The seaside bike routes guarantee an active form of rest. A comfortable house for rent close to Leba will ensure a luxury relaxation after the biker’s efforts. There are great bike routes. When you roam about the forest paths, meadows and routes by the sea, you can observe not only great unique examples of nature but also interesting buildings and places.

The destination of your bike tour may be as well Quick Sands in Rabka near Leba as the lighthouse in Stilo. The picturesque bike route leads along the sea and lakes of Sarbsko, Łebsko and Gardno. You can ride some plus-twenty- kilometre route of this seaside bike road, starting in one of the villages: Lubiatowo, Kopalino, Sasino or Stilo, and finish this tour in the village of Gardna by the Gardna lake or in a beautiful seaside heath resort Rowy.
We suggest the following bike routes

Start from the house in Goat Hill.

The bike route “By the Czarne Lake”

Goat Hill – Jezioro Czarne – Goat Hill

From Goat Hill we turn left to the forest. We ride about 2,5 km. there is a fork in the road at one point, and we turn right. We go by the Czarne lake – it is a beautiful clean forest lake. There is a smooth sandy shore and a small beach – we can go swimming and enjoy the beach.

The bike route “by the Sarbsko lake”

Goat Hill – Szczenurze – Sarbsk – windsurfing base by the Sarbsko lake – Szczenurze – Goat Hill
From Goat Hill we turn left to the forest. We ride a sandy forest road and pass by the Szczenurze colony

(in the summer it is worth to pay attention to the picturesque pasturage on the meadows).
After over a hundred meters we pass an old evangelical cemetery lost in the woods that dates back to the second half of the 19th century. We find there the remains of graves with German inscriptions and an obelisk dedicated to the ones who died in the World War 1.

The commentary is waiting to be registered in a record of historical monuments. After riding a short distance on the left we have a forester’s lodge in Szczenura. When we get to the village Szczenurze we take the right to Sarbsk.


We ride a tarmac road for about 15 minutes and we reach our destination. Before you turn left to the lake (across the street from ”Pod siodłem”), we suggest to visit a beautiful stone church of St. Anna – you can see it the opposite side of the road. The church was built in the 1920s of the 19th century. If you feel a need to rest, you can stop in a bar. Right next to it there is a horse stable.

Further on, we ride along the road to Sarbsko lake. On the shore of the lake there is a Habenda windsurfing base. We can rest there; admire the landscape of this coastal reservoir. You can have a meal there and drink beer and observe the windsurfing boards waddling on the waves of the lake. From June to September there is a windsurfing school and you can rent equipment from them. It is so nice there that you almost don’t want to get back on the bike.


You can go on longer bike tours, starting from
Łeba or Rowy:
ROUTE I (24 km.) Łeba – Żarnowska – Gać – Izbica – Kluki
ROUTE II (50 km) Łeba – Nowęcin – Sarbsk – Ulinia – Sasino – Osetnik – Łeba
ROUTE III (31 km) Rowy – northern shore of the Gardno lake – Czołpino – by the seaside – Rowy

If you are going to ride tarmac roads between villages it is enough to have city bikes, but if you plan the wilderness routes, you will need cross or trekking bikes.