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A luxurious abode for rent.


Apple, cherry and pear trees. A blanket on the grass, a hammock between trees – an afternoon nap, where only the rustling wind and bird singing can be heard. Idyllic holiday.

A luxurious abode for rent near Leba will provide all that we miss mostly in our life: rest, close contact with the nature, and you can have it all just within the reach of your hand. At the same time you are provided with a comfortable holiday for exacting holiday-makers.

Storks come to the meadow in search for food for their young ones – since at the fork of the road, by the road to Goat Hill Lodge there is a stork nest that has been a house for a pair of storks for many years. For years storks have been visiting the village to raise their young nestlings.

The storks have been settling in their nest for years, at the end of April the stork mother lays eggs, and then both stork parents take in turns to hatch for 33-34 days.