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Fishing in the open sea or lake.


Holiday with a fishing rod – the house in Goat Hill is just by the forest lake.

On this property for rent there is a forest lake with water surface of 1 hectare. It is only 7 km from the sea. It is a clean, natural reservoir, with water coming from an underground spring.

In this unique place you can have a chance to enjoy and taste the charms of fishing. The undisturbed quietness that surrounds the lake can help you concentrate on your passion when you fish for pikes, tenches or crucians.
Fishing will fulfil our need to be with the nature, to rest in quietness, to get away from our daily routine. It is enough to stand on the pier and throw in your fishing line….

If you want more thrill of a sea adventure there is a possibility of fishing in the Baltic. Far from the shore, up to 100 metres deep water, with your own gear or rented on a fishing boat. Such an 8-hour trip with a fishing rod for a sea catch in the company of experienced sea wolfs will be an unforgettable memory.

The fish that you catch by yourself tastes great!

Try fish recipes, fresh fish have nothing to match.